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Mantua, an ancient and fascinating city, is here, just a stone's throw from Bovolone, and that is precisely why we wanted to pay tribute to it with the dessert that is its emblem.

The "brisa" is the crumb in Mantuan dialect, hence the name Sbrisolona or Sbrisolada.
The crumbs, which form when the cake is broken, are due to the unique dough made of butter, almonds and cornmeal.

WEIGHT (g): 350
Store in a cool, dry place. Do not expose to the sun. Avoid sudden changes in temperature.
Product shelf life (shelf life): 180 days.
TENDER WHEAT flour type '0', BUTTER, sugar, corn flour, ALMOND, EGGS, salt, flavorings, raising agent (ammonium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, cremortartar). May contain traces of DRIED AND SUGAR FRUITS, SOY, SESAME SEEDS, ARACHIDS and SENAPE.
To be served at room temperature, it is customary to accompany it with grappa or raisin wine.


Sbrisolada Perbellini is prepared by combining corn and wheat flour with butter and almonds, ingredients that are mixed until the dough is homogeneous but crumbled, hence precisely the name.

Once the dough is ready, each sbrisolada is formed by hand and placed in paper molds, ready for baking.
Perfect for any end of dinner, it is traditional to consume it by dousing it with grappa or dipping it in sweet wine.

Sbrisolada Biscotti

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