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TheOffella d’Oro ® is the progenitor of desserts Baked goods in Verona, its recipe is dated October 1, 1891.
At this time the recipe for a traditional Verona dessert called "Nadalin" was modified by Giovanni Battista Perbellini by enriching the dough with butter and eggs, thus making it softer and softer.

Production, which has remained faithful to ancient recipes and simpler processing methods, begins in October and continues throughout the following spring.
Due to the high craftsmanship of the product in both production and packaging, its availability is limited.

Product available from October through Christmas and the Easter season.

Warning: product with an 80-day expiration date.

WEIGHT (g): 850
Store in a cool, dry place. Do not expose to the sun. Avoid sudden changes in temperature.
Product shelf life (shelf life): 80 days.
Type "0" common wheat flour, sugar, BUTTER (MILK), fresh EGGS cat. A, hand-picked sweet ALMONDS, cocoa butter, MILK, salt, natural yeast, emulsifier (mono-diglycerides of fatty acids). May contain traces of DRIED AND SUGAR FRUITS, SOY, SESAME SEEDS, ARACHIDS and SENAPE.
Keep in a warm place for several hours before serving and sprinkle with powdered sugar (included) before cutting.


If the Perbellini name is linked to excellence in the world of Baked goods, credit is due toOffella d’Oro ®, the family masterpiece. It is a leavened pastry rich in eggs and butter complemented by almond granules on the surface.

In fact, such a product is laid in a truncated cone mold on the base of which are almonds, which in baking release aromas and scents that make the dough of this cake inimitable.

Being a butter-rich dough, its preparation requires more than 48 hours of rising and is based on simple and natural ingredients. In fact, the dough is created by repeatedly adding yolk, butter, flour and sugar to the sourdough and after an initial rising is portioned into individual pieces by our staff, "formed" by hand and placed in the molds in which chopped almonds have been previously placed.

Once cooked, the product is left to rest and then hand-packed by our staff with traditional red and white packaging and tied with a vine shoot.

For us, theOffella d’Oro ® is synonymous with Christmas.

Offella d'Oro® Baked goods

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