A typical Veronese dessert, ancestor of pandoro, it is responsible for the typical eight-pointed shape of the Christmas cake we all know today. Its surface is covered with almonds and pine nuts, left to macerate in starry sambuca. Nadalin has become a niche product over the years, increasingly rare to find in Veronese pastry shops and linked to peasant culture. Today Pasticceria Perbellini produces this dessert only in the 15 days before Christmas, as tradition dictates, selling it only in its stores. Unlike other products Baked goods, this product is not placed in a mold but is cut and shaped by hand by our collaborators, creating the 8-pointed star shape. It differs from its heir, pandoro, in that it has a dough that is less rich in butter and, despite the same leavening time, it is lower and more compact, but with a sweet and aromatic taste thanks to the use of dried fruit and starry sambuca.

Product available only in December.


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