Millefeuille Strachìn®

Millefoglie Strachìn® was created in the 1950s by Ernesto Perbellini and is now the most popular cake among our customers.
Fragrant layers of puff pastry are filled with Strachin cream and topped with grains of macaroons.

The name of the cream should not mislead, it is in fact a souffle cream made from milk and eggs and there is no trace of cheese in the recipe. The term strachìn describes the peculiarity of this whipped cream that, a few minutes after preparation, inexorably begins to sag (in Venetian dialect "la se stràca," it gets tired).

Precisely because of these characteristics it is produced at the moment and can be found exclusively in our stores in Bovolone and Isola Rizza.

Every component of the Millefoglie Strachin is produced in-house and we do not compromise on quality: the pastry is baked daily to ensure maximum fragrance, the macaroon is kneaded and baked in our ovens using a high percentage of almonds to enhance its flavor, and the Strachin cream is made several times a day in our planetary machines.

Available in both rectangular and round formats.

If consumed within 6 hours of purchase, keep refrigerated at +4°C until serving, otherwise keep in freezer at -18°C until 2 hours before serving.
Wheat flour, eggs, milk, nuts. May also contain traces of peanuts, soybeans, sesame seeds and mustard.
Millefeuille Strachìn® Cakes
Alcohol Free


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